Concrete and poly soakwells

Polypropylene Vs. Concrete Soakwells

Same Job – Different Product

Concrete soakwells and polypropylene soakwells do the same job in similar ways. The purpose of both types of soakwells is diverting excess amounts of storm water and redistributing the water into the water table. Both concrete and polypropylene units allow property owners to avoid damage and remain compliant with ordinances governing water runoff. If you are in the market for a soakwell, neither is a poor choice. However, each type has its own merits and detractions.

For years, concrete soakwells were the industry’s gold standard. The strength and load-bearing capability of concrete are relatively unquestioned. A concrete soakwell that is fitted with rebar and wrapped to prevent sand from entering will help to distribute storm water and prevent flooding on your property for decades. Installing a concrete soakwell will provide your home with drainage. However, these are often ideal for industrial and heavy commercial properties. Concrete soakwells are low maintenance and we rarely, if ever, have any complaints from our customers after installing a concrete soakwell. Concrete soakwells perth
The stability of a concrete soakwell comes with a price. In many cases a considerably high price to purchase and install a concrete soakwell on your property. Installing a concrete soakwell is no small task; heavy equipment is necessary for digging the hole and transporting the soakwell. After installation, maintaining a concrete soakwell can be somewhat tricky, and repairs require a good amount of manpower.

Drainage professionals began using polypropylene soakwells about two decades ago. Initially, many drainage professionals, as well as customers, were doubtful about the strength and durability of this new kind of soakwell. As time passed, the doubters were impressed as the polypropylene soakwells held up and efficiently served their purpose.

polyproplene soakwellPolypropylene Soakwells – Strong & Cost Effective

Choosing to install a polypropylene soakwell is a smart way to save money without compromising quality. This sort of soakwell comes in individual blocks which attach to each other. The separate soakwell blocks allow us to customise your drainage unit. By customising, you will have the necessary size of soakwell connected in the most efficient way possible. A custom design also makes installation faster and less invasive than the installing a concrete soakwell. In order to install a large concrete soakwell, much digging is necessary. Maintaining or repairing a polypropylene soakwell is not hard because once installed, these units are more accessible than concrete.

Polypropylene soakwells are exceptionally strong and durable. The strength of these soakwells surprises some of our customers because the units are lightweight and somewhat rigid. The polypropylene material is not harmful to the environment, it resists corrosives, and it is treated to enhance hardiness. A polypropylene soakwell can bear up to 32 tons of weight, making them ideal for most residential and commercial properties.

Choosing the type of soakwell you want on your property can feel like a big decision, but both the concrete soakwells and the polypropylene soakwells will give your property the necessary drainage.  Contact us today 0400 665 312 get the job done right with the Soakwell Experts.

Storm water Perth

4 Reasons you need a Soakwell on your property

Polypropylene soakwell geotextile fabricWhile it is a myth that property owners in the State of Western Australia must have a soakwell on their premises, ordinances in different municipalities have various specific requirements regarding soakwells. The law states that property owners in all of Western Australia must contain any storm water run-off within their property limits. Failing to confine the storm water typically results in a non-compliance order. Repeated offenses will have escalating consequences.  Refer to the Western Australian Building and Construction Industry Code of Conduct for more information.

Protect you Home or Business

Storm water managementEven if your business or home is in an area where storm water containment is not a problem for you, installing a soakwell is a smart idea. Allowing water to settle next to your foundation will quickly lead to significant structural damage. Downspouts connected to a soakwell carry away even the heaviest downpours. Removing the excess rainwater will prevent leaks, flooding, cracks and other kinds of damage from water backing up to your foundation. While installing a soakwell may seem costly, it is a good way to prevent even more expensive repairs in the long run.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Sudden storms pop up frequently in Western Australia. If your property is comprised mainly of clay covered by a thin layer of topsoil, an intense storm with heavy rain can easily wash away your good soil. Once your soil begins to erode, it is challenging to halt or reverse the process. A soakwell will protect your soil and help to keep it in place.

Protect your paved surfaces

If the paved areas around your home or business receive constant exposure to extensive rainfall as well as runoff, they will eventually sag and crack from the excess storm water. In addition to looking unsightly, the pavement is not safe as cracked and uneven concrete leads to falls. By installing a soakwell, you can keep your paved surfaces safe and maintained all year long.

Help protect the Environment

Trafficable polypropylene leach drain soakwellAs the suburbs and population of Western Australia grow, the area of solid, impermeable space also increases. As this trend continues, the natural water table shrinks exponentially. A soakwell on your property increases the amount of rainwater returning to the water table. When rain that collects in gutters and on solid outdoor surfaces flows to a soakwell, it will slowly enter the water table. Allowing the runoff to complete the natural water cycle, as opposed to ending up in a storm drain, helps to sustain the water table.

Because storm water drainage is a common issue in Western Australia, we here at Septics and Soakwells WA strongly recommend installing a soakwell on your property. If your property has a soakwell, we can inspect it and help you avoid future problems. We take pride in knowing that the soakwells we install can provide our customers with the peace of mind which comes from knowing a quality soakwell is protecting their homes or business.

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