Cleaning And Maintenance Services To Keep Your Septic Tank In Working Order

Your tank should be cleaned and serviced regularly to avoid large repair and maintenance costs in the long-run. If you’re having trouble with your septic tank or need it to be cleaned, then contact Septics and Soakwells WA. We provide septic tank cleaning and repairs services to clients throughout Perth. We clean holding tanks, sumps, up to 2 000 litre septic tanks, grease traps, and more. We’ll clean your pipes and keep your systems operating quickly and efficiently. Call us today for assistance.

Septic tank cleaningTank Cleaning Services And Waste Removal

Once wastewater has left the plumbing system of your home and emptied into the septic tank it starts to separate. The heavier particles – sludge – float to the bottom of the tank, where it remains. Over time, the sludge builds up and could potentially create blockages and poison the effluent – also referred to as grey water.

Our team is trained to deal with toxic wastewater. They will visit your property with fully-equipped cleaning tanks, engineered for septic tank emptying. With skilful operation, we’ll remove the bottom sludge and top scum – oil, fats, etc.

An odour-neutraliser is applied to ensure you’re not left with an unsavoury stench emanating from your groundwater tank. This process reduces the environmental impact as it negates the need for excavation, manual cleaning of the tank and the backfilling of excavated ground.

Any leftover waste water is removed through the outlet baffles, and pumped straight into the containers on the back of the trucks. Given the fact that many of these mobile tanks can hold toxic wastewater, you can be certain that all the dregs and sewage are safely transported and disposed of at regulated dumps.

Our comprehensive services include septic tank care such as repairs, replacements and soakwell maintenance.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks are fairly maintenance-free; however, they should be inspected every two to three years by industry professionals. These tanks are robust and our products are extremely durable, but to ensure their longevity and optimal operation, they need to be pumped out once every three to five years.

Our team will inspect your soakwell for leaks, and take a closer look at the type of sludge that is left behind, the valves, input and output lines, switches and all mechanical units. We keep a note of all repairs and maintenance ensuring the condition of your tank is always excellent.

Your tank is made up of several systems, each of which require inspections at different intervals. This is why you should consider a service contract for maintenance and waste removal.

A problem with a septic tank doesn’t necessarily warrant a replacement. A slight odour or stagnant water may only be a blocked or cracked pipe, which simply calls for a small and affordable repair. Call in our team to determine the cause of the problem. For most repairs, they have the parts on hand, however, some parts may need to be ordered.

If your septic tank needs to be replaced, maintained, repaired or replaced, contact us today. Our liquid waste removal services are recognised in Perth for efficiency, safety and professionalism. We clean up your mess, and we’re happy to do it.

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