While many myths abound claiming that concrete soakwells are far superior to polypropylene soakwells, this simply is not true. The biggest factor which gives polypropylene units equal footing to concrete units is quality. The many valid criticisms of soakwells not made of concrete, actually apply to lower grade soakwell materials like PVC and not polypropylene components. 

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We install high-quality polypropylene soakwells which are comparable in strength, size, and durability to soakwells made of concrete. They are strong, trafficable, efficient, and highly cost effective. Because environmental experts in the field of storm water management design our polypropylene units, they are helpful to the ecosystem. Because they are designed to release water slowly into your area’s water table, polypropylene soakwells increase the amount of storm water absorbed into the water table. Because as more water enters the water table, erosion decreases and the life of the soakwell increases.

We use high-quality soakwells made of recycled polypropylene that is not toxic and will not contaminate water passing through the soakwell system. The material is UV treated for stability; this gives the polypropylene a similar lifespan as concrete.

Polypropylene soakwell 4000L


The idea of polypropylene soakwells is not new; in fact, Australians began installing these types of soakwells over 20 years ago. During that period of time, experts found that not only are the polypropylene units less expensive; they have several other advantages which make polypropylene soakwells an ideal choice for many types of properties.

These units are modular

This means we can customize a soakwell to meet your property’s specific needs. Individualized soakwell design allows us to install your soakwell without interrupting services of utilities. Each segment attaches to others and can configure to square, rectangular, and L shapes.

Modular soakwells

The modular soakwells customize to handle various volume sizes. Because we design modular soakwells for individual properties, polypropylene soakwells typically range in capacity from 125 liters to over 250,000 liters.

Modular shape

The modular shape allows us to maintain or repair the soakwell with minimal disruption to your property. Additionally, the individual modules are extremely stable and resist impact.


Resists corrosion and does not absorb much moisture.
Polypropylene units withstand damage that solvents, acids, and alkalis can cause.


These soakwells work efficiently in sandy soil.


These soakwells will withstand temperatures up to 93.3 degrees Celsius.


Polypropylene stormwells are trafficable and can even bear industrial traffic. The typical weight ranges of our soakwells are between four and 32 tons.
Polypropylene soakwells have the short-term benefit of holding storm water underground to curtail the risk of flooding.

Type of soakwell

This type of soakwell works well with subsoil drainage systems. The soakwell do not directly hook into your storm water system, but it captures rainwater and diverts it away from your structure.

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